Who We Are


52 Digital believes that digital should be placed at the heart of your business to power and connect all communications, marketing and sales. We are a division of 52 Group, providing core digital, content and marketing solutions. We help organisations build data, insight, influence and revenue with original content. The frameworks we design generate measurable results and returns.


Mungo Park

MD - 52 Group

Georgia Knight


Michael Turpin

Head of technology, Data + Development

Laura Rogers

Digital Account Manager

Asha Wijekoon


The difference

We have developed our own systems and techniques which we adjust to suit your specific requirements. We produce “Custom Audiences” to precisely target the right people for your business. Performance is then measured with our own “Quality Score” system to benchmark the results.

How we work

We believe that digital, content and marketing activities should be mapped out across a year-long calendar of events. We take a highly organised and refined approach to digital. It is essential to put processes and technologies in place that will build useful data. We work with our clients to establish and achieve their business goals.

Agency Fees

We have a proven track record which demonstrates that our campaigns generate returns for our clients. For every successful client win that arrives as a result of our work, we receive an arranged fee.